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vicki Padilla

Licensed Professional Counselor

in Texas and Florida

September 2023 Pt 2

Ever wonder about your mental health? 

Are you curious about repetitive thoughts or changing moods? 

What about the actions you take in situations and interactions with family, friends or colleagues? 

Biology, daily life and relationship history plays a part in these questions. 

Most importantly, taking care of your mental health has become one of the most important things next to physical health since March 2020. 


Helping you prioritize your mental health and improving your quality of life are at the core of my therapy practice


My therapy services:


  • Deconstructing old patterns

  • Listening to your authentic voice

  • Changing your limiting beliefs

  • Relational Support

  • Recognizing and naming emotions such as anger, anxiety and sadness

  • Empowering the self

  • Introduction of grounding and self soothe skills to regulate your nervous system


Your Therapy Experience

Clients usually are nervous, afraid or hesitant to begin therapy or have a first session.  The unknown and the uncertainty can be daunting.  There is this looming question of who is this person that I will reveal myself to?  The first session is your story and why you are seeking change.  The first 5 – 7 minutes, we will go over your information, Notice of Privacy Practices, confidentiality, scheduling, length of sessions, fees, risks of counseling and the therapeutic relationship.  We then move into your story and your idea of what you would like to see happen.  If we are a good fit, we will work collaboratively into the next sessions.


Call for a free 20 minute consultation. 


At the end of the day, we can endure much more

 than we think we can.


-Frida Khalo



Vicki R. Padilla

Licensed Professional Counselor 

p: 512-827-8010



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