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Licensed Professional Counselor

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Before becoming a therapist, my background was in the criminal justice system.  For twenty plus years,  I gained experience, perspective and insight into organizational relationships, alcohol and drug abuse and hierarchy of power. 

My abilities to assess a situation and be a better listener comes from interacting and communicating with people from various backgrounds and socioeconomic status.


While working, I was drawn to giving back to the community.  It became one of my personal goals. The decision to become a volunteer mentor for children and adolescents  expanded my lens.  Through Austin Partners in Education and the Seedling Foundation.  I was able to see there was a need to guide and help this population.  



My previous therapy experiences have been providing mental health services to the community at Capital Area Counseling and facilitating groups at Sage Recovery and Wellness Center.




Your Therapy Experience

Clients usually are nervous, afraid or hesitant to begin therapy or have a first session.  The unknown and the uncertainty can be daunting.  There is this looming question of who is this person that I will reveal myself to?  The first session is your story and why you are seeking change.  The first 5 – 7 minutes, we will go over your information, Notice of Privacy Practices, confidentiality, scheduling, length of sessions, fees, risks of counseling and the therapeutic relationship.  We then move into your story and your idea of what you would like to see happen.  If we are a good fit, we will work collaboratively into the next sessions.


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At the end of the day, we can endure much more

 than we think we can.


-Frida Khalo



Vicki R. Padilla

Licensed Professional Counselor 

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